Clean Air Liverpool is a citizen campaign

We're raising awareness of Liverpool's dangerous air pollution.

There's a local election on 4th May.

We want every candidate to be talking about air pollution.

The council was planning a clean air zone, just like Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and others.

But a small, aggressive lobby dominated the conversation.

Made it seem like no-one cares about clean air.

We must show that we care.

☠️ Air pollution kills

Air pollution kills us and stunts our children's lungs.

It kills 16-20 times more people than road accidents.

But we aren't talking about it.

It's not on the election leaflets.

It's not on the agenda.

That needs to change.

👨‍👩‍👧 By residents, for residents

We are a non-political, citizen campaign.

We live in Liverpool.

We work in Liverpool.

Our children's lungs are stunted in Liverpool.

We don't care how you vote or what you believe in.

We just want you to talk about air pollution.

🗳️ Every councillor is up for re-election

The 4th May local election is huge.

All 85 councillors are up for re-election.

Our aim is simple. Get answers from every candidate on air pollution.

We need voters from every ward to ask their candidates about air pollution.

✊🏽 Take action

Start by checking the pollution at your address.

💌 Get in touch

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